1. Thank you for this piece (peace).

    I have enjoyed your posts on Free Sangha so looked up your web site.

    It is very encouraging to encounter some Buddhist writing away from the published literature and texts, especially with some open expression of how your practice effects your everyday experience of the world. “Walking Mirror Samadhi” is a delight of confirmation of my own more clouded experience.

    Meditation, though increasingly a place of deep stillness for me, is not “real life”, but real life is ever more frequently punctuated with moments of … hard to find the words … what happens can be an upsurge of joyous energy and delight, clarity and a penetration of detail, the sense of every atom etc, momentary loss of identity with personal self, (who becomes another detail along with everything else) tremendous affection for the world, vibrancy, and the gradual subsidence of it as self reasserts and displaces the moment.

    This could be likened to a manic episode or something else, but is definitely linked to the intensity and effort of practice. The occurrence decreases in times of reduced practice. It leaves a residual under-story or substrate of clarity to everyday experience and reaction to life, and adds a stability which is of huge importance in times of stress. We’ve had some big ones here in Christchurch in recent years, earthquakes and fires. Hope you are safe from the same where you are.

    Really, as time goes on, simply recalling the Buddha (meaning all my buddhist reading, wanderings and wonderings) brings spontaneous joy and happiness.

    Your piece is an encouragement to intensify effort. Many thanks.


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